Jamaican Purple Sea Moss (Fine Raw, Wild-Crafted) | 4oz

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100 % Wildcrafted from the pristine waters of Jamaica which has a high mineral content. Perfect for facials and scrubs.


oroughly rinse a small handful of Sea Moss off and rid it from any ocean debris.

Be sure to check for any rocks & use kitchen scissors to remove if necessary

Place the moss in a large bowl

Cover with Spring water & a squeezed lime or lemon.

Soak for 40 minutes

Place in blender

Cover about a quarter of the sea moss to start.

(add more water if needed—too much will not gel and will be sea moss liquid. If this happens you can still use it in your teas, smoothies etc but it wont be thick)

Blend until smooth & not grity

It will thicken even more once refrigerated

Store in a container or mason jar.

Eat 2-4 tablespoons daily or add to smoothie, soup, juice, etc

Keep refrigerated up to 4 weeks & then discard.

Freeze to preserve for longer use