Why you will love our sea moss

Love Sea Moss offers a high quality product selection of organic sea moss and herbal/wellness products. Because of that we have garnered a lot of returning customers who love our products simply because of the health benefits it has given them.

 If you are here reading this then that tell’s us that you are interested in purchasing sea moss or learning more about it.
Welcome! You have come to the right place. We are a trusted source for premium organic sea moss.

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All purchases are made to order. Upon consuming your gel we ask that you please say a quick prayer as you would over your food and give thanks to Mother Earth for providing us with the best thing on earth.

We only buy and sell wild crafted sea moss which means that we harvest it from its natural “wild” habitat in unpolluted waters and we do that because we want our customers to have the best quality products that there is to offer. Our sea moss gel is packed and shipped 100% fresh and potent. If you purchase our raw sea moss you may find rocks or other ocean debris attached to your moss. Which further proves that our sea moss comes straight from source.

So if you’re here because you need some quality moss or if you’re suffering from something and just simply want to feel better then check out our collection today, we may have just what you need to start feeling like a better you.

If you stay consistent with taking our products we are sure that you too will Love Sea Moss!

Great News!!

You can now find Our Products in the local grocery store!

We are proud to announce that we now offer small and large sizes of our Mighty Purple & Gold gel, bags of raw Sea moss & Sea Moss Capsules in the Fredericksburg Food Co-op!!

If you live in Fredericksburg, VA or the surrounding areas & wish to avoid processing times and local delivery fees then head over to our Food Co-op and grab your sea moss whenever you need it!

It’s located on the middle aisle in the wellness section @ 320 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Visit our sister store www.shopluxeskincare.com for our popular body butters!!!

Email Shopluxeskincare@yahoo.com for all wholesale inquiries.